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Benefits of Membership

What’s in it for you?
by Dr. Chuck Walter, Executive Director

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National Recognition!

“…when District VI calls, AAOMS responds.”

States on their own have VERY LITTLE PRESENCE ON THE NATIONAL LEVEL. Some states do have their own organizations and the means to defend themselves, but they can still fall short because they only represent themselves. States without organizations are at an even greater disadvantage. District VI has the unique distinction of representing all nine states together. There’s power in numbers. When District VI calls, AAOMS responds. We get things done. In fact, our own District VI trustee has been elected as AAOMS President 4 out of 5 times.

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“…referrals in any of the District IV states.”

I have personally benefited from WSOMS by being able to provide patients with contacts and referrals in any of the District VI states. My patients feel secure and confident when I can recommend someone I know. This has given me a great advantage over my competition.

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Continuing Education!

“…casual ease and forthright communication.”

We offer superior quality programs and presentations, very economically, at fantastic locations. Many presenters are also friends and colleagues. This lends a quality of casual ease and forthright communication. Event schedules are designed to allow for and encourage plenty of socialization between speakers and registrants.

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Good Times!

“…fantastic locations that everyone can enjoy.”

Our annual meetings are fun, family-oriented events. (Check this year’s meeting location.) We visit fantastic locales that everyone can enjoy. From an elegant President’s Reception to a Chuck Wagon Barbecue (cowboy attire highly recommended), there’s something to suit every taste. Our venues are selected because of their beauty, accommodations, business services, and their span of leisure and recreational offerings. We’ve enjoyed golf tournaments, fishing trips, hikes, tours, afternoon teas, tennis, swimming, dining, shopping, schmoozing, and lots more.

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